Small Pond HDR

During our walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park, I liked this different view of this small pond. This is from the other side of the pond shown in a previous post, about an hour later than the first post image. I usually do not like HDR images, but the melting ice on the pond was so bright, I had to expose for the bright ice. Then a series of separate exposures for the mid-tones and the the dark trees and ice on the side. Images shot @ 24mm, series handheld and aligned & blended in Photoshop. I enjoy trying images like this more for getting use to doing these for when I come across a really interesting view I really like and want to use these techniques with a degree of confidence it would turn out the way I want it. Practicing these helps for future attempts because you can foresee some problems you can overcome with confidence it should all come together.

Sunrise At Blackwater NWR

A few images of the sunrise from an earlier trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. From 24mm to 105mm including stacked images and multi-image panorama.


Two image blended panaorama @105mm


Sunrise @ 105mm


Sunrise @ 45mm


Sunrise @ 24mm -2 image blend for sky and slightly lightening foreground



Sunrise @24mm -single image

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