Osprey Fishing In Early Morning

I am cleaning my backup hard drives to remove files to clean up space and to remove files I do not need or duplicates. I found this series of an Osprey fishing at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ. These were taken at 7 am so there was not a lot of light so I was happy they came out as well as they did because the Canon 1D mkIII was a little “noisy” in low light. The refuge years ago was a Celery Farm and after that they raised carp here before it became a town Natural Area. So you can see a small splash of orange color in the featured image by the Ospreys talons. The Osprey was not able to hold on to the Carp and dropped it before the next image.

Blackwater NWR Bald Eagle Fly By

A couple of Bald Eagle images from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge Maryland in March of 2008. I was using a 400mm DO lens with a Canon 1D mkIII.

Bald Eagle FlyBy, Canon 400mm DO lens, 1.4x Teleconverter, Canon 1D mkIII

Osprey Defending Nest

On a visit years ago in the Spring to Blackwater NWR there was a lot of activity around the Osprey Nests along the Wildlife Drive. It was in mating season and the Ospreys were busy on the nests. This image was when an other osprey kept trying to get to the nest. On this pass the defending Osprey almost went upside down with claws out defending the nest. Plus there was a lot of screeching of the birds going on. This was the best image of the series because the more it was going up to defend the nest I cut off some of the Osprey in the image. Not sure if there were eggs in the nest or just wanted the nest. Image taken with a 400mm f/4 DO lens with a 1.4x Teleconverter on a Canon 1D mkIII.

Bald Eagles On Branches At Blackwater NWR

A few more Bald Eagle images taken in December 2008 from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. The Featured Image was taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens with a Canon 1.4x Teleconverter on a Canon 1DmkIV.

Bald Eagle, Blackwater NWR, 400mm DO lens, 1.4x Teleconverter, Canon 1D mkIII

Blackwater Bald Eagles

I am going through images from past trips to post here. These images were from a trip to Blackwater NWR in December of 2008. The featured image was taken with Canon 400mm DO lens with a 1.4X Teleconverter on a Canon 1D mkIII. On this trip it was a good day for Bald Eagle flight images!

Bald Eagle in Flight, Canon 400mm DO lens, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter, 560mm, Canon 1D mkIII, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter
Bald Eagle in Flight, Canon 400mm DO lens, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter, 560mm, Canon 1D mkIII, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter

Bald Eagles From Shop Rite – 2010

I am going through my collection of Backup Drives, cleaning out folders of images not needed. I found these Bald Eagle images from January 2010. Back then I heard that a family of Bald Eagles were at a Shop Rite grocery store in Nyack, NY across from the Palisades Mall on Route 59. They seemed to take up residence in the woods behind their parking lot. There was also a small stream on the other side of the fence so they seemed to find meals as small animals would come to drink at the stream. Needless to say they had a lot of shoppers startled by there presence there. Luckily the parking lot had a wire fence around the back lot otherwise people would have bothered them even more. They seemed to like looking at the shoppers going in & out and sometimes would look down at them from the parking lot lights. Soon after they were noticed, word was out they were there and it became mobbed with people watching them from what I heard. All images were taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens on a Canon 1D mkIII.

A few other visitors by the Eagles in the woods behind the parking lot

Blackwater NWR Sunsets

Here are some Colorful Sunsets from a few different visits over the years to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, Maryland. Besides photographing Eagles & other birds it is a Great place to photograph colorful sunrises & sunsets. The featured image was taken along the Wildlife Drive with a Canon 24-105mm lens @40mm, Canon 1Ds mkII.

Blackwater Sunset, 24-105mm @ 105, Canon 1DmkII
BWR Sunset, Panasonic LX1, 6.3mm lens, Full Frame Equivalent 28mm
BWR Sunset, 24-105 @90mm, 1Ds mkII
BWR Sunset, 24-105mm @ 73mm, 1Ds mkII
Firey Clouds @ Sunset 24-105mm @ 105mm 1dmkIII

Cedar Waxwing Dining on Insects

I was cleaning up old backup hard drives and found this series of images of a Cedar Waxwing dining on insects caught in a web under a branch. This was many, many years ago early in the morning. I was using a Canon 1D mkIII with a 400mm Canon DO lens and a flash with a Better Beamer Flash Extender to fill in the dark areas. I was on an observation platform and the Cedar Waxwing was almost level with me as I was photographing the waxwing. It is amazing how much better our digital cameras are now compared to the early days!

Steamtown National Historic Site (part 3)

This should be the last post on the Steamtown National Historic Site. Again concentrating on the Railyard where the rusting trains are stored. This area has live tracks with active trains going around the tracks with the relics off to the side. Which seems strange to allow people to wander around. It also seems odd because the museum is pristine and this area is completely opposite! But it Very interesting to see & photograph!


Trains on active tracks



a_snow plow_80I4357

Snow thrower 2img pan 24mm

Above images are images of rusting old snow removal engines. Cannot image these going down the tracks. One is a snow plow, the other a massive snow thrower. The Snow Thrower blades were HUGE.
_80I4255 snow plow

a_80I4486 v2

In the middle of all the rusting trains was this huge elevated walkway to take you to the “Mall at Steamtown” which seemed a little strange in the middle of all the rusting trains. But it had an interesting Strange geometric look in all the rust & decay! Reminds me of a metal bug with legs!



A Different Kind Of Panorama

A different kind of panorama taken at an airshow in Michigan many years ago.  I am going through old backup drives cleaning up files and getting rid of images not needed freeing up more storage space for more recent images. Here I was using a 100 – 400mm lens the entire day. When I came upon this P51D Mustang without a lot of people around it, I shot 4 shots @ 100mm. I aligned & assembled the 4 images in Photoshop for the final panorama.

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