Canada Geese Panoramas Along Brigantine Wildlife Drive

Some additional images from our trip to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville NJ. The main attraction here is the Wildlife Drive that circles around the main visitor areas. It is about 8 miles long, one way, circling the main active viewing areas. In the early Spring there are multiple Osprey platforms along the Drive for watching Ospreys building nests and see them feeding their young. They also have multiple trails for exploring and a Visitor Center.

Canada Geese Sleeping , 3 Image Panorama, 150-600mm lens @ 500mm, handheld
Sleeping Canada Geese, Single Image from panorama to show detail, Tamron 150-600mm @ 600mm, Canon 1D mkIV
Canada Geese Waking Up After Nap, 7 Image Panorama, Tamron 150-600mm @ 600mm, Canon 1D mkIV
Canada Geese, 7 image Panorama, Tamron 150-600mm @ 375mm, Canon 1D mkIV
Canada Geese Closer Up, 3 image panorama, 600mm

Incoming Canada Goose

I usually do not photograph Canada Geese, but I thought this one coming right at me was an interesting view. It was strange seeing it looking at me as I was photographing it. This was taken years ago with the Sigma 300-800mm lens @ 800mm. Watching it coming at me I was wondering when it would turn. It finally did but was fairly close when it did turn.CanadaGoose_ v4a_80I9662


Canada Geese On Thin Ice

Along the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, I noticed these Canada Geese near the entrance. They were standing and sitting on thin sections of ice. The cold did not seem to bother them. They stayed fairly quiet until later when the sun came out more and the ice started melting and they started moving about.


Canada Goose Checking Me Out

canada goose portrait cf 2016 v1_43G6289As I was photographing the Black-capped Chickadee this Canada Goose came up and was staring at me. Maybe wondering what I was doing. It stayed awhile then swam off. 400mm w/ 1.4x teleconverter.

canada goose cf v1 2016_43G6327

Feather pattern with water drops on goose body. canada goose closeup v1_43G6312





Canada Geese Landing

While I was photographing various ducks passing by me, I saw this small tight group of Canada Geese coming in for a landing. I liked the warm background color and the tight grouping of the geese along with the reflections in the water. So I shot a few images but liked this one the best. Usually I ignore the Canada Geese but was glad I shot a series on these. Next I want to practice panning along with them, just have to wait for more geese to come by.

Canada Goose on Ice

I found this Canada Goose on its own little Ice Island. It was sleeping, not noticing all the other activity around him. The image seemed colorful with the blue water and white ice, plus interesting with the broken reeds reflecting in the water. Soon the other activities surrounded him and he still did not seem to care. This duck walked into the shot and stopped in front of the Goose. I kept my focus on the Goose, not realizing the Mallard entering. If I had noticed and thought of it, I would have focused on the Mallard also and blended them together, but this was an afterthought.


Mallard Enters stage Right
Canon EOS 1D MkIV, 400mm DO IS lens, 2X Canon Teleconverter for 800mm,
f/11, 1/1000 sec, ISO 800


Mallard Dozes Off
Canon EOS 1D MkIV, 400mm DO IS lens, 2X Canon Teleconverter for 800mm,
f/11, 1/1000 sec, ISO 800

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