Butterfly Wing Detail – Tubular Veins

Another detail photo of a Butterfly wing taken in the studio at approximately 6.5X. Butterfly wings are made of two layers (membranes) that are nourished and supported by tubular veins. The veins also function in oxygen exchange – breathing. Covering the wings are thousands of colorful scales, together with many hairs.

Stacked Butterfly Wing at 6.5X In Studio

Featured image is of Butterfly Wing shot in studio @ 6.5X with a Canon 1DMkIV, 1.3X crop body with Canon MP-E, 1-5X Macro Lens, set at 5X,  Off Camera Flash. A series of 3 images stacked in Photoshop.


butterfly cu v1                                                                 Wider view showing the area photographed for the stacked photo at 6.5X.

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