Brigantine Sunrise Panorama

I am still going through images I photographed in past visits to my favorite areas and I am slowly working through adjusting my files. The featured image is a sunrise from the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, New Jersey. I was using a 12 – 24mm zoom @ 12mm. I shot 6 overlapping images with a lot of overlapping on each because I was shooting wide @ 12mm. If you do more shots when shooting @12mm they overlap more, so it seems to blend better automatically in Photoshop.


90 Cormorants Panorama From Brigantine

Now that I am retired, I have time to work on files from years ago that I had not finished or even gotten around to. The featured image is a 10 image panorama of a large group of Cormorants swimming down one of the channels along the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. I was on the Wildlife Drive photographing ducks when this group came by. I shot a series of 12 handheld overlapping images to get them all in as they were going by. There are 90 Cormorants visible but there are a few underwater, that surfaced after I had shot that area as I continued photographing the series. For some reason I always photograph my series for panoramas from left to right. Also most of my panoramas are handheld. Mainly because I am photographing something else when I notice an image that I think would make an interesting panorama. Photoshop usually does a good job aligning the images. For this image I was using a Canon 400mm DO Lens with a Canon 1.4X Teleconverter on a 1D MkIV body.

When shooting “moving” panoramas, I tend to try to overlap even more on each section. This helps when one section might have an element that is not what I wanted or liked and I would still have enough images to overlap for a finished image.

The finished panorama with black border (below) is 86 inches long x 21 inches high @ 250 ppi. If I ever print it, it would go even larger @ 150 or 200ppi.

Comorants 90 vf new 7_43G3856 copy

Cropped in sections from the panorama to show detail below.

Comorants 90 vf4 sectAComorants 90 vf4 sectAA

Great Egret Panorama

I found this Great Egret in the grasses along the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge . It was too close to fit the whole bird and background scene in so I shot two handheld shots quickly to combine later. In Photoshop I combined the 2 shots, added more details in the white Egret and opened up the shadows somewhat.

Brigantine Birdscape Panorama

Sometimes I like to shoot what I call a “Birdscape”. Basically a photo to show the birds in their environment and how they act together or with other birds. With some birds it is fun to see how they act in groups or with other types. It can also give you some interesting images. Here I am just showing stander behaviors. Sometimes it adds interest or helps show where you might look for them. Especially the Night Herons. The Featured Image is a 4 shot panorama, shot handheld, aligned and assembled in Photoshop. The rest are single shots showing a Great Egret working the shoreline for a meal, then giving up. But they show the bird in their surroundings.Great egret v2 Brig 2015_43G0424

Great Egret v2 Brig 2015_43G0975

Great Egret v3 Brig_43G0970 2

Two Trees Panorama

I liked these 2 trees with the reflections of the sky & the trees in the early morning. The calm water, colorful sky and the calm water in front of the trees just made it look like a tranquil peaceful scene.

Alternate wider view did not have the right “feel”.

P1060063-2 brig pano v4 wide





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