Brigantine Cloudscapes & Landscapes

The cloudscapes were Great on our visit to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville New Jersey. For the Landscapes I was using 3 different setups depending on what I was trying to show in my images. For really wide views of clouds & landscapes I used an Olympus OMD-1 with a 7.5mm Fisheye lens (180 Degree FOV) or my iPhone 11 Pr0 with the 1.5mm (Full Frame Equivalent Field of view ~13mm) or the 4.3mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~26mm). I corrected the Fisheye lens Distortion of the 7.5mm Fisheye lens on the Olympus in Photoshop using the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter that is accessed under the main “Filter” listing on the top menu Pull Downs. For the far out or distant landscapes with flocks of birds I was using a Tamron 150-600mm lens on a Canon R (Some with a 2X Teleconverter giving me a 300mm to 1200mm).

The Featured Image is a 3 image panorama taken with a 7.5mm Fisheye Lens on an Olympus OMD Camera.

Brigantine Landscape Panorama, 8 images, iP11 using 6mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent FOV ~ 52mm)
Brigantine 4 image Panorama, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent FOV ~ 13mm) Assembled in Photoshop
Early Morning Skyscape , iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens, (Full Frame Equiv. FOV ~ 13mm) 3 Horizontal Images, Stacked Vertically, Pano Assembled in Photoshop
Brigantine Landscape, 3 Image Panorama, 7.5mm Fisheye Lens, OMD-1
Brigantine Landscape, iP11 Pro 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~13mm)
Brigantine Cloudscape, 7.5mm Fisheye, Olympus OM-D, De-Fisheyed in Photoshop
Brigantine Landscape Panorama, 6 images @ 150mm, Canon R, 150-600mm Tamron


On our recent trip to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ, I was traveling light. Mainly using a Tamron 150-600mm lens on a 1D mkIV, a 12-24mm zoom on a Canon R and my iPhone 11 Pro for multi-image landscapes & multi-image panoramas. The Canon R with the 12-24mm never made it out of the camera bag. I was having more fun shooting multi-image Panoramas on my iPhone 11 Pro. The featured image is 13 images shot in multiple images per row & then multiple rows with the iPhone 11 Pro & the 1.5mm lens.

Brigantine 5 Image panorama, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent 13mm lens)
Brigantine 4 Image panorama, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent 13mm lens)
3 Image Panorama, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens, Full Frame Equivalent 13mm)
Brigantine 8 Image Landscape, 1Phone 11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent 13mm)
Brigantine 14 Vertical image Landscape, iPhone 11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent 13mm)

Birds Of A Feather Not Flocking Together

While I was photographing the Snow Geese I noticed this group of birds in the foreground. I thought it was an interesting combination with the Canada Geese, a pair of Ducks and the lone Gull. The other 4 were asleep and it looked like the Gull was keeping watch over them.

Flying Brant Ducks with Atlantic City Skyline

As I was photographing clouds along the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division, this group of Brant Ducks took off. I thought it looked interesting as they flew over this little jetty of land in the water’s edge. Then they banked and flew farther to the right and over the Atlantic City Skyline you could see in the distance. The sky was constantly changing depending on which direction you were looking at. The cloud cover went from heavily overcast and ominous looking to blue sky with nice feathery clouds. But it did make for a wide variety of cloudscapes in one outing.


Olympus OMD-1, 14-140mm lens @ 48mm


Clouds over brigantine

When we were at the Edwin B Forsyth NWR, Brigantine Division, we were looking for birds along the Wildlife Drive. But I liked the tranquil look of the soft clouds reflecting in the water. So I shot a series of shots combining them in Photoshop.

Brigantine Early Morning Panorama

This is a three shot panorama @ 24mm, photographed in the early morning at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR in Oceanville, NJ. Panorama assembled in Photoshop, detail enhanced with Nik Color Effect Pro in separate layer and layer opacity reduced to lessen effect to where I liked it. Noise reduced with Nik Define 2.

Two images below, single shots @ 24mm. Early morning Landscapes.

_80I4341 brig am lnscp v2

brig early morning lndscpe_80I4338





Two Trees Panorama

I liked these 2 trees with the reflections of the sky & the trees in the early morning. The calm water, colorful sky and the calm water in front of the trees just made it look like a tranquil peaceful scene.

Alternate wider view did not have the right “feel”.

P1060063-2 brig pano v4 wide





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