First Bluebird Of The Season

We had gone to the Plainsboro Preserve in Cranbury, NJ to see what we could find to photograph and to take a walk. I was using a 150mm macro lens with a 1.4x teleconverter thinking I would look for macro subjects. Plainsboro Preserve is 1,000 acres with 5 miles of trails. Also has McCormack Lake which is 50 acres. So it is a nice location to walk through and see what you can find. We saw lots of Beaver activity, trees chewed at the base & downed trees along the path. We were surprised to see Bluebirds along the paths, but they were high in the trees. I tried quite a few shots but with the lens I had, limited me to what I could get. Plus they did not stay on a branch long and kept moving between the branches. I finally got a few somewhat clear shots, but the Bluebird was not very large in the frame. I have made my own actions in Photoshop for uprezzing files for large prints, but it also works well for extreme cropping of images.

Mad Bluebird

When we were at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge awhile ago, we saw this Bluebird on a post near the drive to the Visitor Center. It seemed to have quite an expression that made it look rather like it was mad. It just kept looking at us this way so I left it alone and moved on.


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