Black-crowned Night-heron

I went to the Celery Farm Natural Area to look for Different Dragonflies. I had given up on finding any interesting birds as lately it has been very quiet there. Walking in over a small bridge there was a young Black-crowned Night-heron waiting for me. I was surprised but shot a series of images before it flew off to the far shore.

BCNH CF v2 2015_MG_8576

Black-Crowned Night-Heron Sitting in the Shade

I was at the Celery Farm Natural Area a week ago trying to find some interesting birds for the blog. Nothing interesting, a lot of Canada Geese and a few ducks really far out. Right before I left this Black-crowned Night-Heron flew in. It was on a small mound in the water, under heavy shade with dabbled sunlight showing through. It was at least an interesting subject, but in poor light so I shot a bunch of different exposures and got this one. Heavily cropped, but a bird to put on the blog.

Black-crowned Night-heron v4_43G3958


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