Black-Crowned Night-Heron Foraging

Here is a series of images from a previous trip to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville New Jersey. Now that I am fully retired and closed my studio, I have time to go through images from previous photo outings that I have on my backup drives. This is a series of images of a Black-crowned Night-heron in breeding plumage, foraging for a meal. It was darting back and forth really working this area in one of the channels along the Wildlife Drive. It was fun to watch the Night-Heron and also be close enough to the Wildlife Drive to get closeup images.




2 image panorama (horizontal images)


Black-Crowned & Yellow-Crowned Night-Herons At The Audubon Swamp Garden.

On our way to Florida we stopped at one of our favorite places, the Magnolia Plantation and the Audubon Swamp Garden, which is attached to Magnolia Plantation. Years and years ago we stopped here and that started my interest in photographing birds. Audubon Swamp Garden is a 60-acre cypress and tupelo tree swamp on the grounds of Magnolia Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina. The featured image is a Black-Crowned Night-Heron in a distant tree.


The two images below are a Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron.






Young Black-Crowned Night Heron

When we were at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge I noticed this young Black-crowned Night-Heron along the Wildlife Drive. There are a few areas along the drive that seem to be a popular spot for them to usually be there to get a few photos. They are also one of my favorite birds to photograph, especially when they are searching for a meal. _BCNH v3 brig 2016 MG_7028BCNH v2 Brig 2016_MG_6998

Early Morning Clouds At Blackwater NWR

This is from a previous visit to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. We like photographing there for Bald Eagles and landscapes. Being close to the coast, you can get some amazing vibrant colors at sunrise and sunset. This is a little after sunrise and the clouds were fantastic. Shot multiple areas along the Wildlife Drive and this is one in a series. (Once I have a chance to get to the others!)


Black-Crowned Night-Heron’s Breakfast

I was going through some of my older images & I found this image of a Black-Crowned Night-Heron after it caught it’s breakfast. This was shot early in the morning as the sun was coming up. I was watching the Heron on the sticks and I was surprised that all of a sudden he lunged forward and came up with the fish for a meal. I was just watching the Heron so I was not ready for photographing the Heron catching it’s meal. But I got him as he straightened up.


Black-crowned Night-heron with Feather

This was photographed at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division in Oceanville NJ. There is an 8 mile Wildlife Drive that gives you access to a large amount of the refuge for photography. At one of the bends before you go through a wooded area, there are a few trees grouped together out in a marshy area. Many times you can find a wide variety of birds in the trees, on different branches. You have to look closely because some are hidden, but if you watch they usually come out in the open at different times. This Black-crowned Night-heron had a nest on the back side, but came out in the open for a while giving me the opportunity for quite a few shots. It was busy preening and the feather floated down in the front.

Black-crowned Night-heron

Going through some older folders and found these shots of a Black-crowned Night-heron from a while ago. A fun bird to photograph, especially the vibrant red eyes. This seems to be a younger adult. I was using a shorter zoom lens so the background is a little distracting, but I still thought it was an interesting shot of the heron in it’s habitat.


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