Great Blue Heron Birdscape

Sometimes instead of trying to fill the frame with my photo subjects, I like to show the environment that they live and exist in. I think it shows the birdsĀ and how they act in it. Also where you might be likely to find them.




Great Egret Birdscape

We usually always try to photograph birds and wildlife as close as possible, trying to fill the frame with their image, or getting an interesting composition. But sometimes I like to photograph my photo subjects showing the environment they live in. Also it helps when trying to find them if you know where to look.

Mute Swan Birdscape

This Mute Swan was swimming along the shoreline with the dried grasses in the background. I thought the warm colors looked interesting so I shot a 2 shot panorama and blended the 2 images in Photoshop. Because the swan was moving I used a soft edge mask to blend the 2 images, because the swan was actually in 2 different areas along the shoreline in each shot. By blending the images I hid the differences in position.


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