Sandhill Crane 5 Image Panorama

Another panorama from Lake Woodruff NWR. This time is a 5 horizontal image panorama, stacked for a vertical image.  I was using a 300mm Canon f/4 lens. It was strange on this trip that they seemed to not be wary of people. They would walk right near you as they were feeding in the grasses or walking by. It was definitely a fun trip!

Reddish-Egret – 2 Shot Pano

It is not often that while I am walking looking for photo subjects, that one comes so close I cannot fit it all in the viewfinder. So I try shooting my subject with 2 overlapping images. You have to take a few multiple images quickly, to try to avoid any movement of your subject. Usually a little movement, I can deal with. In Photoshop I try letting Photoshop automatically align and combine them. If that does not work I do it manually. So one way or another, it is a way to get the image.

The featured image is 2 horizontal images stacked vertically and combined.

_Reddish_Egret v4 MG_4671

Another 2 shot composite. 2 horizontal images stacked in Photoshop. 300mm f/4 lens

_Reddish_Egret v2 MG_4671

Example – showing top half of image before combining and adjusting colors, etc. in Photoshop.

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