Blackwater NWR Bald Eagle Fly By

A couple of Bald Eagle images from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge Maryland in March of 2008. I was using a 400mm DO lens with a Canon 1D mkIII.

Bald Eagle FlyBy, Canon 400mm DO lens, 1.4x Teleconverter, Canon 1D mkIII

Blackwater Bald Eagles

I am going through images from past trips to post here. These images were from a trip to Blackwater NWR in December of 2008. The featured image was taken with Canon 400mm DO lens with a 1.4X Teleconverter on a Canon 1D mkIII. On this trip it was a good day for Bald Eagle flight images!

Bald Eagle in Flight, Canon 400mm DO lens, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter, 560mm, Canon 1D mkIII, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter
Bald Eagle in Flight, Canon 400mm DO lens, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter, 560mm, Canon 1D mkIII, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter

Bald Eagle Soaring At Blackwater NWR

I am still going through my backup hard drives for images to post on the blog.  I think we will finally be able to go to some local parks tomorrow to get some recent images to post on the blog.  One in particular usually has Bluebirds this time of year. The images posted here are from a previous trip years ago to Blackwater NWR in Maryland. They were taken soon after we got there early in the morning as the sun was rising. To bad the Eagle was flying away from me, but I liked the colorful sky that helped make the images interesting.  All images were taken with a 400mm Canon DO lens with a 1.4x teleconverter on a 1D series body.

Bald_Eagle_BWR_Early AM Sunrise_v4_400mmDO_1_4X_1DmkIII_43G9695Bald_Eagle_v3_BWR_Early AM_Sunrise_v1_400mmDO_1_4X_1DmkII_43G9720Bald_Eagle_v4_BWR_Early_AM_Sunrise_400mm_1_4X DO_1DmkIII_43G9741


Bald Eagle vs Osprey

It is interesting to see Bald Eagles and Ospreys interacting and going after each other. Here the Eagle was trying to get the Ospreys fish, which it dropped, but they were still going at it for a while. This image was taken with a 400mm lens at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville NJ.







Bald Eagles From Blackwater NWR

Here are some more Bald Eagle images from a previous trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. It is a wonderful location for photographing Eagles. The number of Eagles increases in the colder months so there are more opportunities to get Eagles flying by.  All images shot with a 400mm DO lens with a 1.4x teleconverter.
BE BWR_v2_vert_80I0129Bald_Eagle_v2_BWR_80I0145ABE_v1A_BWR_80I0618DBE_TakeOff_BWR_80I0617DBE_Moon_BWR_v2_80I1024


Bald Eagle Close-Up Flyby

I am going through my array of backup hard drives to cleanup and remove unnecessary files and make more room to add files. Also to go through and see what sessions I my not have worked on. I was surprised to find this image of a Bald Eagle from many years ago from a trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. It flew out of a tree along the Wildlife Drive. I was photographing a different view when I noticed this Eagle fly out of a tree on my side. So I quickly tried to get a shot but just managed to lock on to get this image in focus. I was shooting verticals so I did not have time to change orientation before it changed direction. I have learned that photographing Eagles tail views are not my favorite images. Eagle image shot with a Canon 400mm Canon DO lens with 1.4x Teleconverter on a Canon 1D MkIII Camera body.

Immature Bald Eagle At Brigantine

While we were photographing Ducks & Geese in the water along the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division, we noticed this large dark bird along the far shoreline that had just landed. I thought it might be an Immature Bald Eagle because of the large size and dark coloring. I shot quite a few series of this bird as it flew short distances along the far shoreline and it kept moving farther & farther down the shoreline, landing multiple times along the way. When I got a chance to work on my files I remembered this series and started to work on the Raw files. I was using a Canon 400mm DO f/4 lens with a Canon Series III 1.4X Teleconverter so for that distance away the bird was extremely small in the frame. First I opened the Canon R raw files as 54MP, instead of the standard 30MP. I did this to get a little more pixels to work with since the Eagle was so small in the file and bumping up the faux pixels when opening in Camera Raw sometimes still retains more detail. This helps to get an image somewhat usable with a little more pixels, be it they are faux pixels. These are extreme (Very Extreme) crops so the quality is not great, but it is fun to see it was an Immature Bald Eagle with what looked like a Duck in its talons. It made its way up the shoreline, stopping multiple times for a snack on the way. We were on the Wildlife Drive (so we were quite far away) and these are just a few images from the series as it was working its way down the far shoreline.



Eagle taking off after a wave of Canada Geese flew over the Eagle


Immature Eagle_Atl_City Bkg_v1_76A3040

Immature Bald Eagle with Atlantic City Skyline across the water

Bald Eagle Twelve o’ Clock High

I was going through images I have not worked on and found a series from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. One of my favorite locations with colorful sunrises & sunsets and the largest concentration of Bald Eagles in the Northeast in the Winter months.  In the warmer months there are still a large number of Bald Eagles but not as many as in the Winter.

It is fun to see them flying around the Refuge, often interacting with each other.





Bald Eagle With Fish Head & Tail

I saw this Bald Eagle flying towards me.  As the Eagle got somewhat closer, I noticed it was carrying a fish, but the fish was torn in half. The head & body were in it’s claws and the tail was grasped in its beak. It just seemed strange to see the Eagle with a fish torn in half, flying by me. I have seen them carrying parts of a fish before, but not two separate pieces.

Bald Eagles at Blackwater NWR

We got a chance to take the day off and go to the Blackwater NWR in Cambridge Maryland. It is about 45 sq. Miles. But it has a Wildlife Drive which gives you an area easy to use for photo opportunities. Blackwater NWR is know for Bald Eagles and has some of the largest amounts of Eagles in the Northeast. The Bald Eagle numbers increase in the late fall with Eagles returning from Canada. We saw quite a few, but most were flying far off. Even so I got quite a few shots of Eagles considering we were only there for a few hours. Blackwater is also know for colorful sunsets since it is close to coast.



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