Backlite Leaves

When I am walking through gardens, parks or woods, I Look for interesting subjects or textures to photograph. Sometimes I use them for the main image or backgrounds or textures for my ebooks to place images or text floating on top, giving a more visual look to the page. Here I was looking for interesting leaves & textures. Interesting skies and clouds also work well for this.


The above sunflower on the path is not backlie, but still an interesting background for floating images or a text block on the left side.

Rising Sun Backlighting Ice

As I was photographing Ice Bubbles close to the shoreline, I noticed a little further out the sun was giving the ice a nice warm glow. I had forgotten to bring my Polarizing Filter to add some color to the ice, so the warm sun added some color. So I picked an area to shoot a multi shot panorama showing texture and the warm color from the sun.

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