Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

We went to Plainsboro Preserve to look for Dragonflies, or whatever else we could find. The New Jersey Audubon Society manages the Preserve on behalf of Plainsboro and Middlesex County. The Preserve is over 1,000 acres of undistrubed open space with nature trails and 50 acre McCormack Lake. It was supposed to start to rain so I decided to travel light and just took a m43 Camera with a 14-140mm lens (Full Frame DSLR FOV equivalent ~28-280mm). There were lots of dragonfly’s along the paths and off to the sides but were mostly buzzing around so with the m43 camera it was tough to get shots of them. When they did land it was only for a few seconds. We are going back when it is not going to rain and have more time to explore for Dragonflies. It is interesting how different places, but still close in proximity attract different types of dragonflies. I guess it depends on water conditions. They say Skimmers are attracted to still waters or slow streams.




Signs Of Busy Beavers

We had a warm 80 degree day over the weekend so we decided to take a walk at the Audubon Plainsboro Preserve. The Preserve is over 1000 acres and has a 50 acre lake. Lots of trails to explore and an interesting visitor center. We had heavy rain for days so the paths & trails were very muddy but we wanted to see what we could find after a long Winter. We saw a lot of evidence of the Beavers with lots of  trees showing Beaver activity. We never saw any beavers here, but they usually are busy at night so you do not expect to see them. It is amazing to see the fruits of their labor in the trees they take down. And wonder how long it actually takes them to do it. Some of the trees felled were not recent, but were probably from last year. Beavers must have strong determination along with strong teeth.

Tree Beaver v2 P1060446Beaver Tree v1_P1060445Tree Beaver v1 P1060418Tree_beaver v1 P1060421

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