Audubon Four Swamps & Audubon Swamp Garden in South Carolina

I was going through my drives, purging files I do not need and I found these images from many years ago from a trip to South Carolina. These are 2 versions I setup for wall art from images photographed at National Audubon Four Holes Swamp and the Audubon Swamp Garden next to the Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina many years ago. The National Audubon Society’s Francis Beidler Forest is located in Four Holes Swamp, SC contains within its 15,000 acres, the largest remaining stand of virgin Baldcypress and Tupelo Gum swamp forest left anywhere in the world. The 1.75-mile self-guiding boardwalk trail allows visitors the chance to safely venture deep into the swamp and not get lost. It is buggy in areas, especially with still waters, so be prepared with bug repellent!

audobon Swamp Garden 002

Black-Crowned & Yellow-Crowned Night-Herons At The Audubon Swamp Garden.

On our way to Florida we stopped at one of our favorite places, the Magnolia Plantation and the Audubon Swamp Garden, which is attached to Magnolia Plantation. Years and years ago we stopped here and that started my interest in photographing birds. Audubon Swamp Garden is a 60-acre cypress and tupelo tree swamp on the grounds of Magnolia Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina. The featured image is a Black-Crowned Night-Heron in a distant tree.


The two images below are a Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron.






Yellow-Crowned Night-Herons At Magnolia Gardens

On our way down to Florida, we stopped at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina. One of our favorite places to walk around and see what we can find to photograph. The flowers were a little past prime but it was still fun to walk through. They have quite a few Peacocks roaming through the Gardens making quite a bit of noise as they are squawking away as they roam. They seem very tolerant of people though. Attached to the Plantation is an Audubon Swamp Garden with trails to walk through. It is an interesting place to photograph and you never know what you will find to photograph. Here is a series of this Yellow-crowned Night-heron we saw along the way.


Yellow-crowned Night-Heron @ 600mm



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