Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Some of my favorite photo subjects are Dragon & Damselflies. I have not had too many chances this year to photograph them, but we had a couple by our home the other day. These were Female Blue Dashers. They are only about 1.5″ long so you have to get pretty close. They seem to get used to you being around so they go about their business after a few minutes. I did not want to bother them so I used a 300mm lens with an extension tube. Usually they are fairly still for about 20 seconds or so, so I can shoot a series for image stacking. These did not want to cooperate so I had to get what I could. I did not want to stop down too much because I wanted a smooth clean background. On a few shots  I replaced a sharper wing or 2  from my series that did not work for image stacking.

Blue Dasher Female v4_MG_7906

Image with 2 wings replaced

Blue Dasher Female_MG_v1_7899

Blue Dasher Female Dragonfly v1_MG_7689

Blue Dasher Female v2_MG_7854

Blue Dasher female v3_MG_7922



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