Brigantine Early Morning Landscape

We went to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division to see what we could find to photograph. In the early morning the clouds were amazing and made for interesting photo opportunities. It started out with darker looking somber clouds then brightened up as the morning went on. The featured image was shot @ 12mm on a Canon Camera. The series of clouds over the Wildlife Drive below were shot with a m43 format camera @14mm. When doing panoramas with wide angle lenses on a m43 format camera you need to overlap your images for the panorama a lot more. It is better to have more to choose from than not have enough. It seems if you have too few frames you tend to get some strange distortions (at least using Photoshop to assemble) in the blending of the images.


12mm Clouds & Sun image along Wildlife Drive with Atlantic City on the horizon in the distance.


9 image (Horizontal) panorama, 14mm, (28mm Full Frame FOV) m43 Olympus


6 vertical image panorama, @14mm m43 Olympus


2 image panorama, 14mm m43 Olympus 


7 vertical image horizontal panorama, 14mm, m43 Olympus 


Multi-image panorama with dark clouds earlier in the am, 14mm, m43 Olympus


Clouds over Wildlife Drive, Single image, 14mm m43 Olympus

Blackwater NWR Landscape

While at Blackwater NWR, I wanted to try a few 12mm landscapes along the wooded area on the Wildlife Drive. I thought I would have more luck with the landscapes since it is in  November and some of the leaves would have fallen to let more sunlight in between the trees. In the summer or spring the leaves block so much light it is hard to get interesting images like this. Also the leaves on the ground, I think add an interesting texture to the foreground. This one is also 2 images stacked in Photoshop.

bwr-lndscp-v2-2916_mal9248Single 12mm image taken a little further down the Wildlife Drive.

landcspe-v3-bwr-drive_mal9309Two image stacked image taken around the bend from the previous stacked image. This is when you get more in the open along the Wildlife Drive. Also 12mm view stacked image.

More Views of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

I am still going through my images from our day at the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Lots of files to adjust and work on, so I am a little behind. Here are a few more.

BH Landscap v_80I7485 BH Landscap 2015 v1_80I7356 BH Landscap v1 80I7783 v1 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8628 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8575 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8829 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8912

Landscapes From Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

We went to the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware to see what we could find. Wildlife was usually far in the distance, but the landscapes were great. We still had some Fall color, but the clouds really added to the images. It was a fun day with lots of opportunities for great images.

bh lndscp v2_80I7532


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