Multi-5 Image Faux InfraRed PanoramaS

I was working on images from a visit to Davidsons Mill Pond Park and thought I would make some Multi-Image Panoramas. As I was working on them I thought they would look interesting as B&W InfraRed Images. I have a couple of Photoshop actions & software to mimic Infrared Images so I gave it a try. These were done in Photoshop after I made the main 5 image Color Panorama. The Featured Image is the version I liked best.

Starting 5 Image Color Panorama, Olympus OM-D1, 14-140mm lens @ 14mm
Faux InfraRed Version Number 2

18 Comments on “Multi-5 Image Faux InfraRed PanoramaS

  1. as soon as I saw the top pano I knew it was infra red. I worked with it a lot back in the early seventies.
    Real Infra Red has a mistiness to it.
    Great recreation, do you ever use the real stuff?

    • Yes, do a search on my blog to see a few posts showing how to do them with the infrared filter. My goal is to convert one of my older Canon cameras to 720 infrared so I do not need a tripod! At my age I tend to try to travel “light” without a tripod!

      • Hi again! These are totally digital infrared images shot with an infrared filter on a Canon 1D mkIV digital camera. The problem with digital this way with an infrared filter is the exposure is very long so you need to use a tripod. One of these days I will convert one of my backup digital cameras to infrared so I do not need a tripod! Thanks again!

    • Yes! They are fun to do! The one here is a faux infrared image using a Photoshop action. To do real infrared images with an infrared filter you have to use a tripod unless you modify one of your cameras to shoot infrared images which I will do at some point.

    • Yes! I like shooting infrared images, but shooting a regular digital camera with an infrared filter means you have to use a tripod for the long exposure time. So my series of “infrared Photoshop” actions gets somewhat close to true infrared images. I am about to buy a converted camera just for infrared 720nm & 590nm from Kolarvision.

  2. When I first saw your top photograph I assumed it was winter but thought to myself that it looked like infrared—which is what it turned out to be once I clicked and got taken to your post about it. Infrared is winter on demand.

    • Yes, it is sort of Winter on Command! I will be getting an infrared converted camera soon to do true infrared images. It is fun to try different ways of doing images!

      • I worked with infrared film from 1976 into the mid 1980s. I still have a fondness for it even though I haven’t worked in that medium for decades. I expect you’ll enjoy it.

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