Patriotic Tractors On Display

We have quite a few farms where we live now and it is fun to see fields of corn, cows, pigs and other farming activities. Which is strange because there is also lots of corporate buildings and retirement villages also. But it fun to see the mix of all of these together. There is one farm we pass as we are going to a local Preserve to photograph landscapes, dragonflies and birds with a display of tractors on their front lawn. These images were taken with a 14-140mm lens on a Panasonic m43 GH2 @ 140mm. (Full Frame Camera Equivalent 280mm). For this series I used PhotoShop for the Panoramas because I did not want to go uninvited on their Property.

PhotoShop Multi-Image Panorama, Panasonic GH2, 14-140mm @ 140mm
Photoshop Multi-Image Panorama – used Photoshop to flip Flag positions for image balance, m43 Panasonic GH2, 14-140mm, @ 140mm

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