Blackwater NWR Bald Eagle

A series of images of two Bald Eagles taken at a previous trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge Maryland. The Featured Image was taken near the entrance to the Wildlife Drive. For the Featured Image I was using a Better Beamer Flash Extender to light the Eagle as it was very early in the morning and I did not have much light on my subject far away Eagle. I usually do not use Flash when photographing Wildlife but it was so far off I needed to throw some light on my distant subject that was in the shadows. Image taken with a Canon 1D mkIV, 400mm DO lens & a Better Beamer Flash Extender. Looking at my Raw Data, this Eagle was 115 feet away from me. I hardly ever use the Better Beamer Flash Extender for Wildlife but it just happened to be in the car from a Commercial Photo session.

Second Bald Eagle in a different tree from the First Bald Eagle.

The second Bald Eagle was only 65 ft. away from me and was more in the open so I did not need to use a flash to light the Eagle.

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