World War I Replica Fighter Aircraft

I had posted before that I used to photograph aircraft at a lot of Airshows. Now that I am retired I am going through my array of backup hard drives cleaning out images no longer needed and making room for new images. But while doing that I am finding images that are interesting to post here. These are images taken at a Fly-In & Airshow in Geneseo, NY in 2001. Back then this was the early days of digital photography. Here I was using a Nikon D1X with an 80-400mm lens & a Fuji S2 Pro with a 100-300mm lens. The Fuji s2 Pro also used a Nikon mount lens. Both of these early digital cameras had a 1.5 cropped sensor so at 100mm it would be like using a 150mm focal length view on a Full Frame camera. The Featured Image was taken with the Nikon D1X @400mm.

Fokker DR1 Replica Taxiing before take-off (100-400mm @ 400mm)
Fokker DR1 Triplane Flying Overhead, 400mm, Nikon D1x, 80-400mm @ 400mm
British SE5A Replica (this replica is actually only 80 percent of full size SE5A Aircraft)
French Spad 7 Replica, 400mm, Nikon D1X
Fokker DR1 Triplane & SE5A Moving to get Ready for TakOff, Nikon D1X, 80-400mm lens @ 200mm

2 Comments on “World War I Replica Fighter Aircraft

  1. What a wonderful and old airlplanes. I’m so happy that there are people who collect and maintain them for the future.
    Beautiful shots, my compliments !

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