UkraInian Demonstration FlyBys At US Airshow Back In The Day

I used to do a lot of Aviation Photography back in the day before I transitioned to Landscapes & Birds. In May 1992, two Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 fighters departed for North America to participate in the 100th anniversary celebration of Ukrainian immigration to America. Russamerica Airshow Incorporated sponsored the tour and the aircraft, one MIG-29A (Single-Seater) and one MiG-29UB (2 Seater) , were transferred in a disassembled condition onboard an Antonov An-124 cargo plane to Canada. On May 8, the aircraft arrived at Namao Air Base, in Edmonton, Canada and were reassembled in a record time of just two days. On May 16, they flew for the first time at the same air base. Then they went on tour through the US at various Air Shows. The images here were taken at one of the Airshows I usually photographed each year. Back then these were taken on Canon F1N film cameras with Kodak Ektachome 200 slide film & then scanned for Digital Files. This was a few years before my studio transitioned to Digital Cameras. I was used to photographing the US Thunderbirds & Blue Angels Demonstration Teams & the Canadian Snowbirds which usually would do group Fly Bys and some other displays for the show. Then regroup and fly by again sometimes towards each other and Pull-up and Climb straight up. The Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29’s show was unlike the shows I usually saw. They were almost always in view on the main airshow area and would flyby show center, then climb, rotate and go back the other way. So it was fun to watch and see different flight maneuvers and displays of the Ukrainian Team.

MiG-29UB (2 Seater) moving for Take Off
Ukrainian Air Force MIG-29A (Single-Seater) and MiG-29UB (2 Seater) Group Take-Off
Ukrainian Air Force MIGs FlyBy

4 Comments on “UkraInian Demonstration FlyBys At US Airshow Back In The Day

  1. How appropriate in today’s times. From the looks of it, those Ukrainians know how to fly.

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