WWII B17G “Yankee Lady” Climbing After TakeOff

Many years ago I used to go to a lot of airshows to photograph the planes in flight. It is almost like seeing History fly by you. The images in this post are of a WWII Boeing B-17G Heavy Bomber. Photographing these planes, especially flying, brings that History to life. The B-17G, named Yankee Lady is now owned by the Yankee Air Force, doing business as the Yankee Air Museum. And is flown for flight experience rides and airshow appearances. In 1946 this aircraft was one of 16 “Flying Fortresses” that were transferred to the the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1985 the airplane was among four other B-17s that were put up for sale at an auction held by Globe Air. The airplane remained unsold until the Yankee Air Force purchased it for $250,000 in June 1986. After several test hops, the aircraft was flown from Mesa, Arizona to the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan on July 2, 1986. It was not to fly again for nine years during a restoration of volunteers to rebuild the plane. The “Yankee Lady” name and nose art do not replicate that of a known combat veteran B-17, but rather are meant to be representative of the era. The restoration work was accomplished almost entirely by dedicated Yankee Air Force volunteers who generously donated time, talents, and financial resources to what was a labor of love. The first post-restoration flight took place on July 13, 1995. The images here were taken at an Air Show in 2003 with an early digital Nikon D1x and a Nikon 80-400mm lens @ 370mm (Full Frame Equivalent Camera FOV ~ 555mm) The Nikon D1X had a 1.5X cropped sensor.

Yankee Lady B-17G Climbing After Takeoff, Nikon D1X, 80-400mm lens @ 370mm (Full Frame Equivalent 555mm FOV because of Nikon’s 1.5 cropped sensor)

6 Comments on “WWII B17G “Yankee Lady” Climbing After TakeOff

  1. This is together with the Douglas DC-3 one of the most beautiful airplanes ever build (my opinion 🙂 ) When I was young I builded a Flying Fortresses (plastic model) It was my favo of my model collection. The pictures is a real topper Reed. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That brings back memories of my father-in-law who was a tailgunner in B17s over Europe. Not the same model as this supersized one, but like the other ones, a shrapnel magnet for sure. Amazing what damage some of them took and still managed to make it home.

    • It was amazing to see them flying! And it was amazing that some took so much damage and still made it back to base, sadly with many injuries to their crews!

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