Damselfly & Dragonfly Season is Starting Soon

It will not be long before we start seeing Dragonflies & Damselflies here in NJ. These are some of my favorite photo subjects. The images here were taken years ago at my pond at my old home. These were taken with an old 200mm Canon FD Manual focus macro lens adapted to a m43 Panasonic GH2 Camera or a Canon 400mm DO Lens with extension tubes for closer focusing. FOV of the Canon FD lens on a m43 body gave me the equivalent of a 400mm Macro lens. The Featured Image is a Damselfly with a raindrop on it’s head.

Damselfly Side View, 200mm FD Canon Lens, Panasonic GH2
Blue Dasher Dragonfly, 400mm Canon DO lens with an Extension Tube for Closer Focusing, Canon 1D mkIV

10 Comments on “Damselfly & Dragonfly Season is Starting Soon

  1. I love these awesome images, Reed. The season has started already for us in Northern Virginia–so far I have photographed three dragonfly species and one damselfly species. It is so cool reading of you using the FD lens with an adapter–new life for old lenses.

    • Thanks so much Mike! It is fun to adapt older lenses on the newer Digital Camera bodies. And they work quite well! Especially on m43 Camera bodies. On m43 Camera bodies the older Full Frame lenses sort of halves the field of view because it is only using a smaller center section because of the smaller sensor. So a 200mm macro Canon FD manual focus lens acts like a 400mm macro but with the depth of field of a 200mm lens because it is only using the smaller center area of the lens on m43’s smaller sensor. Plus I have some a few Canon FD & Nikon macro manual focus lenses. You just have to get Canon FD or Nikon adapters to the Canon EF mount.

      • Yes! Give it a try! You could also get a set of Canon FD Extension tubes to get closer focusing. Not knowing what lenses you have

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