Hole In The Clouds

As we were taking a walk in our community I noticed the dense clouds above us. In one area of the thick cloud cover there was a circular opening in the Dark Cloud cover. I thought it looked interesting so I took a series of images with my iPhone 11 Pro. The Featured Image was taken with the 6mm lens with a digital zoom added (216 percent) for a Full Frame Equivalent Image taken @ 111 mm. Usually I do not use the digital zoom feature on the iPhone, but wanted a full image featuring the “Hole”. I did not take out the “Noise” in the Featured Image since I thought it added some to the “Dark Mood” of the image. I then shot a 2 image vertical panorama to get more of the clouds above since below would have some buildings that I did not want. Then I backed off and shot a series of wider views of the Dark Clouds.

2 Image vertical Pano, iP11 Pro, 6mm Lens with 216 percent Digital Zoom added in iP11 Pro, Full Frame Equiv. ~111mm
Single Horizontal Image, iP 11 Pro, 6mm Lens, Full Frame Camera Equivalent 52mm
Single Vertical Image, iP 11 Pro, 6mm Lens, Full Frame Camera Equivalent 52mm

4 Comments on “Hole In The Clouds

  1. Very cool sighting, Reed. I’ve seen something a bit similar – it may be a fallstreak hole, also called a hole punch cloud.

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