Pine cones – 40 Image Panorama

Here in New Jersey we got about 9 inches of snow from the Snow Storm over the weekend. I was looking at the neighbor’s Pine Tree across from us and thought it looked interesting. So I got a camera and was going to photograph some snow covered Pinecones. But then I thought it would make an interesting Multi-image, Multi-row Panorama. The Featured image is a series of 40 handheld images shot with a 150mm macro lens on a Canon R.

4 Comments on “Pine cones – 40 Image Panorama

    • You are very welcome! If you have any questions just ask! Once you do a few you get the flow & feel of doing them! Photoshop does most of the work! I am working on a series now of iPhone images using the same technique. I hate the pano feature in the iPhone 11 Pro so I also do multi-image panoramas with iPhone images. You do not get the weird “bowing” of the image that the iPhone pano makes. Probably because of the extremely small lenses in the iPhone! Thanks again!

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