40 Image Brigantine Wildlife Drive Landscape

I am still going through images I shot on our visit to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge near Oceanville, NJ. The Featured Image is a small Center Section of a handheld series of a 40 image panorama for one of the panos I shot from the Wildlife Drive. The full landscape is below. When doing handheld large panoramas I try to shoot the series as quickly as possible because clouds, grasses and birds in the image may be moving so when blending the pano images it is easier to blend the scene. I have found that Photoshop does a very good job on automatically assembling my multi-image panoramas, even when they are very Long or even Multi-row, Multi-image panos. you just have to get used to setting them up. On this trip I was using a variety of cameras depending on what I was photographing. These are taken with a Canon R camera with a 150-600mm zoom @150mm @f/16.

Full view of the 40 Image, 126″ x 22″ @ 300 ppi Wildlife Drive Panorama
An additional 10 image pano to show detail on the area to the right (10 Image Full Size 68″ x 16″ @300ppi)

4 Comments on “40 Image Brigantine Wildlife Drive Landscape

    • Thanks! Panoramas are fun to do and Photoshop does a Great job on blending them! It might take a few tries because of different options in Photoshop but after a few tries you should get good results. I also like doing multi-image panos on my iP11 Pro instead of the panorama setting on the phone which usually looks distorted in the middle of the image. On my Canon & m43 cameras I use the auto assembling setting. On my iPhone I use the Cylindrical setting. Then fine tune in Photoshop with the “Warp” feature.

      • Thanks so much! I had a Commercial Photo Studio for 50 years so I had a lot Practice on a Wide variety of subjects! So now being retired I enjoy photographing wildlife & landscapes which are more fun to photograph!

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