Extreme Brigantine Snow Geese Panorama

On our trip to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge I had a lot of opportunities to shoot a lot of Handheld Panoramas. One of my Panoramas was the most extreme panorama I have ever tried do. For the Featured Image I had to make it fit the 1200 pixel width which I exceeded x 4 times to try to hold some of the detail in the Featured Panorama. So I also cropped the full image down to 7 sections to show the detail below. Too bad it was a rather Gray day when I was photographing this group of Snow Geese because it brightened up a little later in the day. The Featured Full Panorama Image was 56 images for an image 525 inches long x ~30+ inches high @300 ppi. The Layered file was huge and the final Flattened file was 4 Gigs. I was shooting with a Canon R with a Tamron 150-600mm lens @ 483mm , f/16. Below are 7 cropped images to show the Detail in the above Featured image.

18 Comments on “Extreme Brigantine Snow Geese Panorama

  1. Incredible piece of photography Reed! Good luck in finding photo paper to print that full size 😉
    Interesting to see a number of blue morphs in that flock.

    • Yes! If I still had my Commercial Photo studio I would have probably tried to print it! I miss my wide format printers that could print 60 inches wide x up to 200 ft. long!

    • Thanks so much! Actually you just load all the images into one layered PhotoShop file & PhotoShop does all the aligning and blending. Then if you like it you can flatten all the layers into one final file! Thanks again!

    • Thanks so much! Panoramas are fun to do & quite easy to assemble in Photoshop! And you are probably correct about Ross Geese. I noticed a few different birds among the Snow Geese.

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