More Sandhill Crane Panoramas From Lake Woodruff NWR

I am still going through Sandhill Crane images that were shot for making panoramas since they were so close to me as I was photographing them. Usually it is a reverse problem where your subjects are too far away as you are photographing them. All images in this post are taken with a 300mm lens on a Canon R. The Featured Image is a 2 horizontal image panorama combined in Photoshop.

2 Horizontal Image Stacked Panorama, 300mm, Canon R
Sandhill Cranes, 5 Horizontal images pano, 300mm, Canon R

10 Comments on “More Sandhill Crane Panoramas From Lake Woodruff NWR

    • Thanks so much Donna! Just going through old photo trips to post. We canceled our usual trip to Florida this year. But I have a lot of images to use here til next year!

    • Thanks! Yes they are “cool” and fun to photograph! It was strange to see such large birds coming so close and after checking us out they just foraged around us!

    • Thanks! They were definitely fun to photograph! Plus Lake Woodruff NWR is a Great National Wildlife Refuge to photograph! It has Great landscapes to photograph also. Plus it is never crowded with a lot of people in your way!

    • Thanks Greta! They are quite large, about 4.5 to 5 feet tall. So when they are a few feet away from you they can be very intimidating when they are that close! Plus they are also quite vocal & loud. Sometimes they seem to be following you just checking you out!

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