12mm Walk In The Woods Tree Panoramas

We went to Davidsons Mill Pond Park to photograph the colorful trees along the paths in the Woods. I was traveling lite using a Canon R with a Sigma 12-24mm lens. All images here were taken at 12mm with 2 or 3 images each for the handheld panoramas. I shot both horizontal & vertical panoramas but liked the verticals more. Shooting verticals made for a more interesting view plus getting a little more sky peaking through the leaves looked interesting. It was fairly dark on the path so I upped my ISO to get a faster shutter speed for sharper images since with all the tree cover it was dark along the path. Shooting up at the trees @ 12mm added some distortion but I did not correct that because I thought it looked more interesting having more dramatic angles to the trees. The Featured Image was 2 horizontal images stacked vertically.

2 Horizontal images stacked vertically with a large amount of overlap on images, Canon R, 12mm
12mm, 3 Vertical Images Stacked Vertically Panorama
12mm, 2 Horizontal Images Vertically Stacked
4 – 12mm Vertical Images Stacked Vertically Looking Up To Sky
12mm Single Image, Shot Straight On

10 Comments on “12mm Walk In The Woods Tree Panoramas

    • Thanks so much Donna! They are fun to do! Plus Photoshop does most of the work. When you are using really wide lenses it is a more of a challenge to automatically let Photoshop align & blend the different layers into the final image. So a slight touch up might be needed here or there. But overall it works well!

    • Thanks so much! I like doing them! Plus it gives a different look to your images! Also I do not have to carry 2 cameras with different lenses to get the views I want to capture! Getting older it is nice to not have to lug a lot of camera gear.

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