Aerobatics At Airshows

I was cleaning up some of my backup drives to delete unneeded files to open up some more space for newer images. I found a lot of my aviation images from the early days of digital photography. Usually I photographed Military Aircraft, but for this post the images are of Aerobatic Aircraft. The Featured Image was taken with a Canon 1D mkII with a 400mm DO lens.

Spiral with Smoke On – Fuji S1 Pro, 154mm, f/11, 1/400th sec.
Heading Up for a Vertical Loop, Nikon D1X, 400mm
Pulling up & Flipping Over, Smoke on, Canon 1DmkII, f/16, 400mm
Spiraling Down, 54mm, Fuji S1 Pro

12 Comments on “Aerobatics At Airshows

  1. Reed, what are your backup drives? I always read about drives failing so I’m hesitant to buy one. Maybe the cloud is a more reliable option? What are your thoughts? My computer is full, but I don’t want to buy a new one just for storage. External hard drives are affordable and secure, but I can’t afford to lose important files.

    • That is a good question! To be honest, I struggle with that also! The “cloud” option is too limited for my storage needs. I usually back up my images on external drives. In all my years of commercial work & personal images I have only had one drive fail. Important files I backup on 2 or more different external drives. The drive that failed I sent out for recovery and got most of the files back. Some use only solid state drives so no moving disk, but they also can have problems. I also used to backup on archival DVDs, but they have problems also. The “burn in” seems to fade or oxidize so they are not good for long term backups. That happens even with “archival” DVDs. So for my images I just use regular external hard drives. For important client or personal files or images I backup to multiple drives. This probably does not answer your question but that is what I do.

      • That perfectly answers my question. I believe that your experience is probably the rule rather than the exception. I did purchase a SanDisk Flash Drive for document storage and it has been durable and reliable, but I need more capacity for photos and video. An external hard drive is more cost effective at 1TB+. I can see the convenience of cloud storage for people who work remotely as it’s not practical to lug around extra weight.

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