Back In The Day Commercial Silicon Wafer Photoshoot

I was going through old backup drives and found this image of Silicon Computer Wafers I shot for a brochure cover for one of my Hi-Tech Commercial Clients . This was shot before Digital Cameras were around with a Sinar 4×5 View Camera with a Caltar 210mm lens with Kodak Ektachrome 64 Transparency film. Than we processed the film in-house & scanned the film @2400 dpi to deliver a 4×5 Transparency & a Digital file for the client. This was setup & shot on a Glossy 4×6 ft sheet of P95 Black Plexiglass. We taped a nail to the back of each Silicon Wafer and drilled a small hole in the Plexi to put the nail through to angle the Wafers where we wanted them for the setup & reflections. The colorful wafers then nicely reflected on the glossy black plexiglass sheet giving a mirrored Reflection of the wafers. The next step was to position a Speedotron Flash Head with a “snoot” attachment to light each wafer separately. On the ones I wanted a color added to the wafers I taped a colored “gel” (Plastic colored acetate to add color on that wafer). I have to say Digital Photography would have made this a Whole Lot Easier! But there again it made you solve problems & come up with ideas to get the Final Image that was needed for the Client!

8 Comments on “Back In The Day Commercial Silicon Wafer Photoshoot

    • Thanks! It was a challenge but fun to do Commercial work! I did it for 50 years but I like photographing what I like for fun now! Landscapes, birds, aircraft and whatever catches my eye! Thanks again!

    • Yes! Before digital it was more of a challenge to get the results you envision in your mind! But I enjoyed coming up with solutions for my clients and it kept them coming back for more assignments!

    • Thanks Donna! Yes it was a lot of work, but finding solutions made it interesting & fun. Especially when it worked! But Digital made it easier in some ways. But then you pushed Digital imaging to higher levels also! I had a Commercial studio for 50 years with quite a few high tech clients so it was a fun & challenging career! Now I am retired so I enjoy photographing Birds & Landscapes! Thanks again!

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