Lake Woodruff NWR Multi-Image iPhone Panoramas

Many times when we are out walking in Wildlife Refuges I carry a main camera with a 400mm lens or a 150-600mm zoom lens and a m43 camera with wide angle 14-140mm lens. I also have in my photo vest a few Teleconverters just in case I see something interesting farther out for the full frame camera. But as I am getting older I am using my iP11 Pro more for the Wider or Multi-Image Landscape Panorama shots. The Featured Image is made with the iP11 Pro using the 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Camera Equivalent ~13mm). I shot 14 images, shooting 3 rows of 4 images and then 2 images in the center just as a precaution to make sure the images line up successfully. When using the iP11’s 1.5mm lens I overlap the images even more than if I was using the 4.3mm or 6mm lens. Photoshop does a good job lining up and blending the multi-rowed images from the iPhone..

Lake Woodruff NWR Landscape, iP11 Pro, 4.3mm lens, 8 image panorama. 2 rows of 4 overlapping image.
Lake Woodruff NWR Early Morning Sunrise, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Camera Equivalent ~13mm) 6 image panorama. 2 rows of 3 images

9 Comments on “Lake Woodruff NWR Multi-Image iPhone Panoramas

    • Thanks so much Mike! I also do not like to use iPhone HEIC raw files. You can set PhotoShop to open jpegs as raw files which works well to pull even more detail out of the iPhone images and clean them up some before working on them. Then just load your images into layers in one Photoshop file and let Photoshop blend them. Thanks again!

      • I have used the panorama function on my iPhone several times, but it is clear that you get far superior results from taking multiple shots and letting Photoshop blend them together.

    • Thanks Eliza! Lake Woodruff NWR is a Great place to walk & photograph! Besides landscapes there are lots of Wildlife to photograph also!

    • Thanks so much Donna! It is one of my favorite NWRs to photograph in. Great Landscapes, Sandhill Cranes, River Otters and a wide variety of other birds! And usually hardly any people in the way! Not like a J.N. Ding Darling NWR!

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