Female Anhingas On Branches

Along the Wildlife Drive at Ding Darling NWR, we found 2 different female Anhingas sunning on branches. The featured image and the first image below were on one side of the Wildlife Drive. The other female Anhinga, shown below were directly across the Wildlife Dive from the first Anhinga. All images taken with a 400mm DO lens with on a Canon 7D . I actually had to back up from both birds to fit them in the frame.Anhinga_FM_DD_400mm_1_4X_7D_v3_MG_3959


8 Comments on “Female Anhingas On Branches

  1. Ah, the female devil bird and probably in my top 3 large shorebirds category – stared at that 5th shot for a long time – my favorite of the set due to the composition and implied movement.

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