Male Anhinga At Lake Woodruff NWR

This is from a previous trip a couple of years ago to Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in DeLand Florida. We saw quite a few female Anhingas, but we only saw this one male Anhinga preening on a branch and just hanging out there. Usually there are lots of them, but not on this visit.

Anhinga_Male_v2_LW_300mm 076A2559-2


6 Comments on “Male Anhinga At Lake Woodruff NWR

    • Thanks so much Donna! Lake Woodruff NWR is an interesting place to photograph! It never seems to be crowded like other NWRs. Over the years we have seen a wide variety of birds there. One year there were a couple of Whopping Cranes flying with the Sandhill Cranes so they were fun to photograph. Plus very interesting landscapes!

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