Cedar Waxwings From The Audubon Plainsboro Preserve

We went for a walk at the Audubon Plainsboro Preserve near our home looking for dragonflies. As we were walking down the path that extends out into Lake McCormick we were surprised to see a pair of Cedar Waxwings. One flew off to a higher branch behind the leaves but the other posed for us giving me an opportunity to get a few fairly close images. I shot a few images than moved a little closer hoping to get some closer shots before it flew off. I was using an Olympus OM-D -Mk1 camera with a Panasonic 100-300mm lens @300mm (Full Frame Camera Equivalent ~ 600mm.)


13 Comments on “Cedar Waxwings From The Audubon Plainsboro Preserve

  1. Beautiful images, Reed, of the pair of super striking-looking birds. I have always liked the sleek look of Cedar Waxwings and you even captured a view of the wonderful yellow-tipped tail.

      • I completely understand that, Reed. Getting a shot of more than one of anything is always a challenge and even when you do, one always seem to be looking away or bending over. 🙂

  2. Beautiful images, Reed. These are such beautiful birds, unfortunately we don’t have them in Europe. Enjoyed watching this series.

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