P51D Mustang Head On At Willow Grove Airshow

I am still going through old backup Hard Drives cleaning up unneeded images and making room for new images. This image was taken at an Airshow at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pennsylvania in 2003. Before the Airshow started they used to let you wander around more than they do nowadays. I was using a Nikon D1X with an 80-400mm lens @ 270mm.

11 Comments on “P51D Mustang Head On At Willow Grove Airshow

    • Thanks Donna! Prefer photographing birds now, but it is fun to go through old images on backup drives. Never know what you will find!

    • Thanks! Air shows are fun to photograph! Especially when you can get interesting images as they are moving around on the ground as they are lining up to take off.

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