Raindrops At Plainsboro Preserve

The other day we went to take a walk at the Audobon Plainsbore Preserve. It was a gray day but it is a nice location to walk, never knowing what you might see to photograph. It started to rain so we started heading back to the car. Along the way I noticed the raindrops looked interesting in the water along the path. I was using my iPhone iP11 Pro with the 6mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent Field of View ~ 52mm) since it was more weatherproof than my Olympus camera I had under my jacket. I quickly took 9 images thinking at least one might have interesting raindrop patterns in the water. As I was working on the images I thought why not use all 9 images to get even more raindrops & maybe a more interesting & colorful image. The Featured Image is 9 images, auto-blended in Photoshop. Blending the image allowed an assortment of colors from the sky in the water as the clouds were moving overhead. This gave an interesting blend of colors. The image below is just 1 of the images that make up the blended image. Which do you like?

Single Raindrop Image
Rain Drops with Hi-Pass Sharpening – Brings out more detail in water drop patterns

22 Comments on “Raindrops At Plainsboro Preserve

  1. Excellent intimates, Reed. The texture around the rings is so interesting. Lucky find and great captures to take advantage.

    • Thanks William! I go back and forth on shooting a little on the dark side & then the light side! I guess I can not make up my mind!

  2. Photoshop’s auto-blending did a good job of suppressing blurring in the expanding ripples. While I understand your desire to emphasize patterns, and I often lean that way myself, the final image may come across as over-sharpened, especially toward the bottom.

    • Hi Steve! Yes I agree, but for this image I wanted a somewhat over-sharpened look. So I used high-pass sharpening on that bottom area. On the original file the bottom was very soft, so I liked it better this way. Thanks again!

  3. Both are incredible. I was glad to read the explanation as I was wondering why I had not seen anything like it before.

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