Multi-Image Fisheye Images

Here are some more Fisheye images taken with the 7.5mm 7 Artisans Fisheye lens on a m43 format camera. The featured image is one of my first multi-image Fisheye Panoramas. This is a 2 image Fisheye Pano taken on a gray day & light rain. With the 7.5mm Fisheye lens it seems that manually “blending” the images with a “soft” edge mask works best for assembling the panoramas in Photoshop. I then used the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter under “Filters” in Photoshop. I used the 15mm setting because the “Filter” is set up for Full Frame Digital Cameras. So the 7.5mm m43 lens would be an approximate 15mm field of view equivalent. If I ran it at 7.5mm I would get a jagged circular image in the middle of a white empty background. After you use the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter you can then fine tune your images using the “Warp” feature in Photoshop for even more fine tuning. Once you get used to using a Fisheye lens your results are more predictable and they are fun to use.

3 image Fisheye Panorama, 7.5mm, Olympus OM-D, assembled in Photoshop, Fisheye distortion somewhat corrected with Photoshop Adaptive Wide Angle Filter, than tweaked with “Warp” Filter
7.5mm Fisheye Image, OMD m43, straight out of camera. Notice “Warping” of image because of lower “Horizon Line”
Image after using Adobe Filter “Adaptive Wide Angle” Filter. Using “Adaptive Wide Angle Filter” seems to lessen the height of the image which seems to shorten the height of the image. But it seems to look more Natural than the Height in the “Fisheye” image.
7.5mm, 2 Image Panorama, OM-D, Assembled in Photoshop, then used Adobe Filter “Adaptive Wide Angle” Filter.
7.5mm, Olympus OM-D, Single Image, Adobe Filter “Adaptive Wide Angle” Adobe Filter
2 Image Panorama, 7.5mm m43 OM-D, “Fisheye” effect removed with Adobe “Adaptive Wide Angle” Filter. Shooting with Horizon somewhat centered in middle height of image lessens the weird “Fisheye Look” and then there is less fixing of “FishEye” Look of Image.

11 Comments on “Multi-Image Fisheye Images

    • Thanks Greta! They are fun to do! Plus it is fun, but more challenging to do multi-image panoramas & then de-fish the image for a somewhat more “normal” look to the images.

  1. These are really cool, Reed. I generally find the distortion of a fish-eye lens to be a bit disorienting, but the combination of the multi-image panoramic images plus the adaptive wide angle Photoshop filter, a feature that I have never even heard of, made for some wonderful image. I am always intrigued when I see all of the 7 Artisans manual lens for sale and have never talked with anyone who has used one of them.

    • Thanks Mike! They are fun to use. Plus you get use to trying to keep the horizon more centered to minimize the fisheye effect and easier to de-fish the image. You do not have to, but makes it easier to de-fish. I usually shoot at f/11 or f/16 so everything is in focus from a couple of feet to infinity. The field of view is supposedly 190 degrees, but I think it is a little shy of that. The lens seems to be well made and is quite heavy for it’s size. The biggest problem when in buggy areas is that large front glass element seems to attract bugs that land on it. When composing your image all of a sudden you see a huge fuzzy spot in the viewfinder! Overall I give it a rating of 10 in a range of 1 to 10. Plus it is only $139, so for a somewhat small amount it is a lot of fun to use. The Adaptive wide angle filter is under filters in Photoshop. It is in a list of filters above the other filters listed there. Makes it easier to use. You put in the focal length of the lens and then run the filter. But it is set up for Full Frame cameras, so for the m43 camera 7.5mm lens you have to say it is double that so I enter 15mm. Otherwise you get a jagged circular image. Thanks again!

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