Ospreys On Osprey Platform

A photo of an Osprey bringing nesting materials to the nest on an Osprey Platform along the Wildlife Drive at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville NJ. This was from a few years ago in May. But can not wait to photograph the Ospreys in the upcoming months along the Wildlife Drive. There are quite a few Osprey Platforms along the Wildlife Drive giving many opportunities to photograph them. You need a fairly long lens unless you want to severely crop your images. These images was taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens with a 2X Teleconverter.

It is amazing the materials they use to build their nests.

15 Comments on “Ospreys On Osprey Platform

  1. I love to watch your excellent shots of this beautiful bird, Reed. Apparently we do make a mess with leaving all this garbage in our nature.

  2. It is shame on human being, that birds could find and use our garbages to build their nests. I found a little nest with interwoven blue electrical wire. So sad…

  3. Love these, Reed!! I’m home in Maryland now and I’ve been seeing Osprey in flight, they’ve returned to the Chesapeake Bay, YAY!!! 🤗 🤗

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