Blackwater NWR Eagles Fighting Over Fish

These images were from a past trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. It was many years ago and I was using a Sigma 300-800mm f/5.6 zoom lens @ 800mm. Because of the weight of the lens plus camera you have to use this lens on a heavy duty tripod with a Gimbel head. All images except one were @ 800mm. The featured image was after the Eagle caught a fish and flew to the shoreline to enjoy it’s meal. There were a lot of feathers scattered on the ground by the Eagle so do not know if it had a goose or bird meal also before the fish. Or if it was from a previous Eagle. That attracted a couple of other Eagles that liked the idea of a free meal. So this shows the Eagle trying to protect it’s catch. The action only lasted for less than 1.5 minutes according to the Adobe Camera Raw Data. But it was fun to watch & photograph.

Eagle Fishing for Meal, 300-800mm Sigma lens @ 800mm, Canon 20D
Eagles Fighting Over Meal, @800mm
The Loser Flying Off, @800mm

13 Comments on “Blackwater NWR Eagles Fighting Over Fish

  1. Awesome shots, keep on locating these, Reed! The two Eagles entangled with their talons, hat is usually how the male and female connect high up in the air and mate as they cartwheel and freefall to the ground. They know to disconnect their talons at the last minute before hitting the ground. Looks like you might have that going on in that shot!!

  2. Stunning captures, Reed! Photographing with such heavy material is not easy, but the details in the photos are just amazing. Love to watch these series.

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