Very Rare NJ Snow Gator

The weather here in NJ started to get a little warmer and the heavy snow fall finally started to melt. Which meant we could actually get out for a walk. It felt Great to be able to get a nice walk outside. As we were walking I was surprised to see this very rare New Jersey Snow Gator warming on a sidewalk. It was one of the largest I have seen here. I managed to get a couple of images of this rare sighting. The featured image was taken with an iPhone 11 Pro with 6mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent 52mm). It was not moving so we were able to get by it and continued on our walk with the satisfaction of getting a few images of this rare NJ Snow Gator. If you come across one beware of it’s Frost Bite! Thanks for humoring me!

NJ Snow Gator, iP11 Pro 4.3mm lens, cropped

13 Comments on “Very Rare NJ Snow Gator

  1. Hilarious! Looks like we made it back to the Midwest from South Padre Island just in time – we may be colder, but at least we have power.

    • Thanks! And hopefully you will not loose power! We are supposed to get more snow & ice in the next few days. At least our community has underground electric, no telephone & power poles so it seems more dependable in snow & bad weather.

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