Blackwater Tubman Road Trail

Many people do not realize that Blackwater NWR also has Tubman Road Trail down the road a few miles from the main Wildlife Drive area. When you are at the exit from the Wildlife Drive, go to the left on that main road. A little ways down that road make a right onto Hip Roof Road and look for the entrance to Tubman Road Trail. It is a dirt road so be careful and you have to make room if someone is going the other way. Park in the grass & dirt area by the small pond or Observation Platform. Years ago it was a Great place to photograph a Bald Eagle nest out from the Observation Platform. There is a bulletin board with info and map of the trail by the Observation Platform. Tubman Road Trail is about 2 miles long but be aware of private property along the way. The featured image is 12 vertical images panorama, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens aligned and blended in Photoshop.

Tubman Road Trail Entrance to Trail, iP11 Pro, 4.3 mm lens (Full frame FOV 26mm)
Tubman Road Trail, 3 image pano, iP11 Pro, 4.3 mm lens (Full frame FOV 13mm)
Tubman Road Trail, 4 image pano, iP11 Pro, 1.5mm lens (Full frame FOV 13mm)
Observation Platform, Tubman Road Trail, iP11 Pro, 4.3mm lens (Full Frame FOV ~26mm)

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