Bald Eagles From Shop Rite – 2010

I am going through my collection of Backup Drives, cleaning out folders of images not needed. I found these Bald Eagle images from January 2010. Back then I heard that a family of Bald Eagles were at a Shop Rite grocery store in Nyack, NY across from the Palisades Mall on Route 59. They seemed to take up residence in the woods behind their parking lot. There was also a small stream on the other side of the fence so they seemed to find meals as small animals would come to drink at the stream. Needless to say they had a lot of shoppers startled by there presence there. Luckily the parking lot had a wire fence around the back lot otherwise people would have bothered them even more. They seemed to like looking at the shoppers going in & out and sometimes would look down at them from the parking lot lights. Soon after they were noticed, word was out they were there and it became mobbed with people watching them from what I heard. All images were taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens on a Canon 1D mkIII.

A few other visitors by the Eagles in the woods behind the parking lot

13 Comments on “Bald Eagles From Shop Rite – 2010

    • Thanks Belinda! It was just strange to see them there! Also having so many people and cars so close did not seem to bother them. At times they put on quite a show!

    • These were right over the border in NY state! I guess Eagles do not like NJ! There were a few at a reservoir but to far away to photograph!

  1. Wonderful captures, Reed! We love our Eagles!! 🙂 Have you ever gone to Conowingo Dam in January/February to see the hundreds of Eagles vying for fish? I have not, but have wanted to go. It is chaos they say with all the photographers, lol. The Eagle activity is phenomenal per a friend I know who went to see them. Some day, maybe, when this covid is over!!

    • Thanks so much Donna! I thought about Conowingo Dam years ago, but the crowds seemed to be a negative for me going there. I prefer taking my chances and go to Blackwater instead. I am not fond of photographing wildlife in huge crowds! Plus it seems more satisfying if I find them in one of the NWRs we go to. Thanks again!!

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