Blackwater NWR Sunsets

Here are some Colorful Sunsets from a few different visits over the years to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, Maryland. Besides photographing Eagles & other birds it is a Great place to photograph colorful sunrises & sunsets. The featured image was taken along the Wildlife Drive with a Canon 24-105mm lens @40mm, Canon 1Ds mkII.

Blackwater Sunset, 24-105mm @ 105, Canon 1DmkII
BWR Sunset, Panasonic LX1, 6.3mm lens, Full Frame Equivalent 28mm
BWR Sunset, 24-105 @90mm, 1Ds mkII
BWR Sunset, 24-105mm @ 73mm, 1Ds mkII
Firey Clouds @ Sunset 24-105mm @ 105mm 1dmkIII

11 Comments on “Blackwater NWR Sunsets

  1. Gorgeous, Reed!! I’ve been staying in contact with BNWR, the Snow Geese are there. They also did two surveys in past weeks, 156 Eagles and 167 White Pelicans were counted. 😊

    • Thanks Donna! Wow! That many Eagles & White Pelicans! Two of my favorite photo subjects there. I know in the Winter they have one the largest concentrations of Bald Eagles in the Northeast. But did not know it was that many! We have decided to stay close to home during COVID restrictions! Thanks again!

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