Early Morning Snow Geese Take Off @ Blackwater NWR

I was cleaning out old BackUp Drives and found this image of an early am Snow Geese Take-Off at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, Maryland. This was taken 2 days after Christmas in 2007. It was early in the morning as I was setting up my camera & tripod, hoping for a mass Take-Off of the Snow Geese. I was using the 13 lb Sigma 300-800mm f/5.6 lens @ 300mm on a Canon 1D mkII. It takes a while to get this large zoom lens setup on the tripod with a Wimberly Gimbel head. And luckily I got setup before they had a mass take-off.

15 Comments on “Early Morning Snow Geese Take Off @ Blackwater NWR

    • Thanks Donna! They are always fun to photograph in large numbers! One day at Blackwater there were huge numbers in the field by the entrance so I was in the field photographing them with a 24mm. They all of a sudden took off so I was in the middle of hundreds taking flight! The sound of their wings that close was amazing! Then I was wondering how they did not fly into each other!

      • I’ve been in the middle same experience too. The squawking and wing-beats is something to hear! You’re lucky you didn’t get hit with any bombs. I haven’t yet lol but I heard the bombs hitting the ground around me! 😲

  1. Lugging around such a heavy lens takes dedication. I’m not happy that my bag with a camera body, three lenses, a flash, extra batteries, and a few other miscellaneous things now weighs 15 lbs.

    • I was somewhat younger when I had that lens! Plus you kind of set it up and worked that area for a while. I do not think I could handle that now! I am very content with a Tamron 150-600mm or a Canon 400mm DO with maybe a 1.4x teleconverter on a variety of Canon bodies. And then a m43 body with a wide to short telephoto lens. The older I get the less I want or could lug around! Thanks again!

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