Lake Mc_Cormack Panorama

When we were photographing the trees with strong shadows at Plainsboro Preserve for the previous post, I also shot a series of 7 vertical images of Lake McCormack @17mm for a wide panorama. When shooting at wide @ 17mm, I overlap my series of images more than my usual overlapping if using a longer lens.

Bench By Waters Edge, 50 acre Lake McCormack, 17-40mm lens @40mm

6 Comments on “Lake Mc_Cormack Panorama

  1. I don’t really understand the technique, but I must say I feel as though I’m literally sitting at the edge of the lake watching the little waves lapping the shore right at my feet!!

    • Thanks! I am basically shooting a series of images starting at the left and going to the right overlapping the images somewhat as I photograph the view I want. Then I take those images and load then into one layered Photoshop file. Then load those images into one layered Photoshop file. I select those layers and use Auto-Align, then Auto-blend for a layered Photoshop file. If it aligns ok you can then flatten your layered file for the final blended image. Every once in a while you might need to retouch a small spot here or there. Thanks Again!

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