Snow Geese 30 Image Panorama From Brigantine

We decided at the spur of the moment to take a trip in state to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division. We thought that concentrating on just driving & photographing on the Wildlife Drive we would not be close to any others visiting there. We were surprised how many people were there, but it was fun to get out and photograph again. It was a Great Day and was fun to take your mind off Covid-19. The cloud formations were Great in the am and there were quite a few birds to photograph. I was mainly looking for large flocks of Snow Geese to photograph. Usually they are in multiple groups in the water scattered along the Drive and flying around the Refuge. But on this day they were mainly only in 2 very large groups quite far out along the Drive and not flying through the Refuge. Except 1 or 2 that flew by far out in the distance. So on the one large group I decided to shoot a panorama that turned out to be 30 images shot with a Tamron 150-600mm @ 600mm on a Canon 1D mkIV, handheld. I wished I had used the Canon R instead for finer detail, but I was using that with a Wide zoom lens.

One Frame out of 30 images showing Snow Geese Detail. (1D mkIV, 150-600mm Tamron lens @ 600mm)

4 Comments on “Snow Geese 30 Image Panorama From Brigantine

    • Thanks Donna! It was fun to get out to photograph at Brigantine, instead of the local spots. There is usually a few very large groups of Snow Geese, so you usually have closer up groups to photograph. But on this day they seemed to be in one very large group that was far off in the distance. And hardly any were flying. But it was still a fun day! The early morning cloud formations were also amazing! Thanks again!😊

  1. Nice to see all those snow geese, Reed. I am amazed that you could bang off 30 shots and not have them all blurred in the overlaps even if just from the water moving them around. I imagine blown up large it would be seen but at this size they maintain decent shape.

    • Thanks Steve! It actually works pretty well with handheld multi-image panos. You do need to be fairly quick shooting the individual images to minimize movement. Also when I have the layered images aligned in Photoshop I can go in and remove any birds that were overlapping or were fuzzy before blending the final file. Also this group of Snow Geese were pretty still. Hardly any moving around. And none were flying in or out. They seemed to just be sleeping. I have printed some of my large panos quite large when I had my Commercial Photo Studio. We also did a lot of Display or Trade Show printing & also backgrounds for photo shoots. Just for fun or maybe boredom I have printed some for wall art in the studio. Some were up to 20 to 30 feet long. Thanks again!

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