Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! It has been a trying year for everyone and hopefully things will be getting better. Stay safe if traveling to family & friends! These are Wild Turkeys that used to be in our community before the Foxes took their toll on them over the years. These images were all taken in my yard a few years ago. Canon R, Tamron 150-600mm, @ 600mm.

8 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Great shots, Reed. I love that you captured so many details and colors in the feathers of these wild turkey. I am a little saddened to learn that you no longer have turkeys in your neighborhood (at least none of the avian ones :).

    • Thanks Mike! Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving! Yes we have quite a few of the non-avian ones! I miss the turkeys, especially some of the males that were displaying quite often. But some of the neighbors were afraid of them. One neighbor treated one male as their pet and it would come over to her and keep her company and just hang out by her in the yard.

  2. Gorgeous captures, Reed! It are such beautiful birds with much more color than our breeded ones.
    Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!

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