Setting Moon At Blackwater NWR

I was going through hard drives, cleaning up files I did not need anymore and I found this image from years ago of a visit to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland. It is when we first got there early in the morning before sunrise. I was using a 24-105mm lens @ 105mm on a Canon 1D mkIV. Image taken at 5:47 @105mm, f/11, 1/160 sec., -1.3 exposure compensation to hold detail in the setting moon. In post I opened up the shadows for more grasses & landscape detail. Then cropped some sky and foreground grasses for a more interesting panorama look.

10 Comments on “Setting Moon At Blackwater NWR

    • Thanks Steve! It is a Great place to photograph! Usually I concentrate on sunsets and wildlife. This day we got there earlier than usual which worked out well.

  1. Beautiful Reed! We’re actually on the road now headed for home and I’ve got an itch to visit BNWR as soon as I can if its possible still. The white pelicans and tundra swans have arrived already!

    • Thanks! When shooting the moon you have to use a minus exposure compensation to hold the detail in the moon. But then your landscape gets to dark. Sometimes I expose for the landscape and then a separate exposure for the moon and combine the moon on the landscape shot in Photoshop. Or expose for the moon and then brighten your landscape somewhat in post. Thanks again!

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